Washington Manor Apartments


What our tenants are saying about us!

We have lived at Washington Manor since 2010.  The apartment complex is always clean and looks nice.  The managers are always out keeping thing looking nice and take good care of the property.  The sidewalks are cleared in the winter to keep us safe because they care.  You will even see Lon out at night replacing outside burned out light bulbs.  Washington Manor is a safe and quite place to live.   Plenty of outside lighting and the managers live on site.  Thank you for all you do for the apartment complex and us (the tenants).



My wife and I lived at Campus View for  1 1/2 years.  After speaking with Lon about wanting a larger apartment he mentioned Sycamore was larger and he would allow us to move over there during our lease.  We really feel Lon and his wife Becky care for the tenants.  We love our new place.  Thank you!



I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate my home, away from home, when you need to make changes.  I have a nice clean apartment and friends I never dreamed of.  We look out for each other.  I enjoy doing my picture puzzles in the social room and watching how the puzzle grows when I’m not around.  We also have movie night as well

This is just a neat place to live.  It’s been a blessing!!!


I have lived at Washington Manor in one of the Town Houses for the past six years.  I find it to be a beautiful, quiet, safe place to live, wacky and fellowship with family, neighbors and friends.

I love it here!!!



My husband & I have been here for almost 5 years. We looked at another place before coming down here for an apartment.  We chose a townhouse and love it.  When we first came and talked to the property manager (Lon) we knew this is the place we wanted to live.  The manager and everyone person living is so friendly and neighborly.  The get togethers and the complex is wonderful.  If we need anything fixed that we can’t handle the manager or maintenance is here.  During the winter months the snow is removed from street and sidewalks.  You can walk to places if you desire.  I would recommend it to people to live.  Neighbors are very nice.  J&G

I have lived here 4 years and have enjoyed this community very much. The people are kind to each other and good neighbors. Everyone here is respectful. We have cookouts along with other types of entertainment several times a year. The manager (Lon) looks out for us making this a great place to live.

If and when there is a problem it is taken care of fast. Even after hours you can get in contact with the manager at any time.



I would like to thank the Tenants of Washington Manor, Sycamore, Campus View and Lane Ave. Apartments. It is a privilege to be your apartment managers, maintenance person and your friend.

Lon & Becky

Washington Manor Apartments